“Darwin’s Minstrel”

In November 2009 The Scientist captured Erasmus Rasmussen alive on the streets of Philadelphia celebrating the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species. Have a gander:


Self-Portrait in Sullivan County

photo: Ted Waddell (click for more photos)

Outside the Apothecary: The premiere of Mike Geither’s Self-Portrait at County Fair, directed by Brett Keyser, and featuring Ker Wells, Tannis Kowalchuk, Glenn Hall, and Sarah Dey Hirshan, plays at NACL (North American Cultural Laboratory) in Highland Lake, New York. October 2-11, 2009.

photo: Leni Santoro (click for more photos)


“…kept me mesmerized throughout, and the enthusiastic audience response confirmed that I was not alone… Emotional, visceral, unique and well crafted, this production has “wow” written all over it.” —Jonathan Fox, The River Reporter

“…one of a kind, unequaled and highly unusual.” —Cynthia O. Topps, The Times Herald-Record

“Bravo…” —Leni Santoro, The Catskill Chronicle